Polix — Portfolio Framer Template


Polix is a portfolio made for Framer. The template is 100% responsive and fully customizable. You don't have to code anything! Just create Framer account and then whoosh, it's yours! You can edit the layout or content inside visually & publish your website.

This template included 6 pages:
- Home
- About
- Works
- CMS page
- Contact
- 404

You can look at the demos here:

View Demo


1. You need a Framer account to edit and publish your site.

To be clear, a free Framer account cannot use your own domain. You can only change the sub-domain (example: yourname.framer.website), and there's a little banner "Made in Framer" on the bottom right corner. If you want to use your own domain, you can subscribe to Framer.

More information about different types of Framer accounts: https://www.framer.com/pricing/

2. Digital items aren't eligible for refunds or exchanges because of the nature of these items.

Check out my other Framer template, Dashby.

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Here's the demo:

View Demo

Credit to Mizframa for the mockups.

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You will get link to the Framer template. You can access from the receipt sent to your email as well.

100% responsive
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Polix — Portfolio Framer Template

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